Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toddler Activity: Pom Pom bucket

I read about this activity on Money Saving Mom.  She has activities for little ones called Busy Bags, and one activity in this category was called "Pom Pom stuff-it-in" or something like that.  I thought it looked like a fun activity to do for my 2-year old, so I made one.
Super easy steps:
Stuffin' it in

1. Take an old container.  Cool whip, cottage cheese, yogurt, something non-dairy if you are dairy free :)
2. Cut a hole in the lid just big enough for a Pompom to be stuffed into.
3. Buy pom poms.  Dollar Tree by me has Christmas ones now.
4. Let your little one go to town!  Every few minutes I had to open the lid for her so she could dump them and start over.  Then she would go to town again.  And again.  And again... repeat for (I kid you not) 45 minutes the first time!  And she might be on the older end for this activity, which might mean your kids will be even more interested if they are younger or not able to focus as long if they are older.  Who knows. :P
She has since that one day lost interest, and two of my kids dumped both their buckets of pompoms, which I found scattered all over the corner of a room, and then combined them all into one bucket later, but it was nice while it lasted.
Maybe if I take it away for awhile and reintroduce it she'll go back to stuffing them one by one again.  It was so blissfully silent while she was doing that and my other two were drawing.  I was able to make dinner with the only interruption being to open the lid for her!  And it was free, what can be better?

Happy stuffing--

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  1. you go me thinking about this--- even though Sammy's almost four, he still loves filling banks with coins and such. So I filled a cool whip tub with wooden sticks, pom poms, and pipe cleaners. Also cut a hole in the top. I figure I could get this out in the morning, and he can make little pictures out of the pieces (stick people with pom head, pipe cleaner shapes) or just STUFF it all back in if he's not feeling very creative. All the things were already in my craft stash, so it will be fun to try. Thanks!!