Saturday, November 26, 2011

Real Life While Crafting

You can probably imagine hours of crafting (and thus neglecting the house) would create quite the chaotic mess.  If I didn't share what really went on while I was spending time crafting with three young kids in the house, it wouldn't really be fair to you.   It's easy to assume, based on pretty pictures on a blog, that everything else in my life is as "perfect" as the wreath-making looked!  As if I have endless free time...
The photos of wreath-making steps were taken spread out all through a few days.  First was the painting and then a week or so later two days of actual wreath-making.  One of those days was Thanksgiving, so my hubby was home to help out!  There were also plenty of interruptions.
Make sure before you start a project that you have a space to work in- I just started on the floor where my computer is (this is our dining room, but since our table is in the kitchen/family room area, we made this into sort of an office for now where the family computer lives).  It was like a ribbon, fabric and glittery decoration explosion.  Not to mention a couple of dangerous objects like wire cutters, scissors, and a hot glue gun thrown into the mix.  Thankfully my kids weren't very interested in the danger this time.
Don't go in, you might not come out!

What the main playroom looked like while I was crafting:
This took about an hour of pickup the day after Thanksgiving- the whole house looked like this, not just this room.  And this isn't the worst it's been either, of course!  I was trying to get things from the bookshelves and sharp deadly Legos kept attacking my feet.
While I was working part of the time, my 2-year old told me she wanted to paint.  This is both great and difficult because of the mess she likes to make.  But, it kept her happy for a long time and I got these two masterpieces out of it!  I think she has an eye for color :)  Add another 20 minutes to clean this up including the paint on the table.
I just found these funny photos from last February that I hadn't noticed before.
Notice the marker in her hand, and then the wall as she walked away.

A 1-year old got away with that right in front of my face!

Kids, always keeping it interesting.
Happy cleaning!~

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