Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring Felt Flower Yarn Wreath

I felt like making a new wreath a couple weeks ago as I was home with sick kiddos, so I found some inspiration from these two pictures:

I liked the yarn wrapping and while shopping at Goodwill one day, I happened to find a ball of tan yarn and decided to use it to try making one of these.

The process was pretty simple:

I wrapped most of the wreath with yarn, I ran out with a couple of inches left so I just covered that in leftover cream muslin fabric.  It ended up being a good way to hang the wreath as well.

I made a bunch of felt flowers using layered flower shapes, and some were just random shapes that I folded and stitched together in the back to hold them together and make them look like petals.  I stitched old leftover buttons from clothes in the middle of lots of them, and stitched "veins" in some of the leaves.

Flower workshop

After hot gluing it all on and attaching the little bird (my favorite part), it was done.

Spring is coming soon, right? :)

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