Friday, January 27, 2012

Easy Mini Cinnamon Rolls with Stevia

I got the idea for these easy mini cinnamon rolls on Pinterest (where many of my ideas come from these days).  They use store-bought crescent roll dough, some butter, cinnamon, and sugar to create little mini rolls in mini-muffin tins.  This is my version using stevia* instead of sugar, and crescent rolls with no hydrogenated oils (you could also make a simple homemade dough for these, like this recipe, ahead of time and store in the freezer after the first rise (or after your bread machine's dough cycle- just freeze in portions so you can take out however much you want at one time, let thaw, and make these cinnamon rolls).

We couldn't even tell that these mini cinnamon rolls had no sugar!
Mini Cinnamon Rolls with Stevia

1 roll store-bought crescent roll dough (we use Trader Joe's to avoid hydrogenated oils)
1-2 T. butter
mix together:
1 t. cinnamon or to taste
1/16- 1/8 tsp stevia (one to two little scoops that come in the TJ's bottle) or to taste- start with less and add more after tasting cinnamon/stevia mixture

Simply roll out crescent roll dough and pinch seams together to make one large rectangle of dough.

Brush with melted butter

Sprinkle with cinnamon and stevia mixed together

roll up starting from longer end and pinch seam to hold

slice into rolls about 1/4"-1/2" thick
Place into mini muffin tins (or just on a cookie sheet)
Bake as directed on roll package, about 12-14 minutes for ours

Enjoy!!!  My kids LOVED these and we did too.  What a great feeling to feed them something yummy and sweet with less guilt.  I'd love to try this with real cinnamon rolls like the Cinnabon-like ones, but I have to cut carbs (more on that soon- I might even need to go gluten-free or super low carb! ack!)

Part of this complete breakfast!

*We started a low sugar eating plan at the very end of 2011, so I have been making a lot of recipes replacing sugar with stevia.  We like the taste of the Trader Joe's white powdered extract which is priced just under $10 for some 600 servings equal to a tsp of sugar each.  This little bottle has lasted me a long time.

~Have a good breakfast!

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  1. These look really good. I like to eat low carb/sugar too. (Most of the time) :) Thanks for the idea. Thanks for linking up too!