Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day Crayon Hearts

I found inspiration for these on Pinterest (as usual) and started collecting old broken crayons destined for the garbage.

The Pinterest post I copied

I was about to give up the idea because I didn't want to spend money and time to hunt down silicone heart molds, but then I stumbled across some heart ice cube trays in the Target dollar spot (I think they were $2.50).  Then it was ON!

I love a bargain.  I am my mother's daughter in a lot of ways (but she is the bargain QUEEN).

So, since these cheap molds were not silicone as far as I could tell, I wasn't sure about their heat limits.  I cut the crayons in much smaller pieces and used my toaster oven around 150-200 degrees and it worked just fine.

If I did this again though, I would fill the cups even more.  The crayons are pretty thin and won't last too long.  At least they're cute!

Before melting

During the melt

 I swirled a toothpick in them to see if it would make a cool effect.  It didn't show up too much, but I think I see it slightly in the photo below.

 A dab of hot glue onto heart-shaped doilies I found at the craft store, which were glue-sticked to a piece of construction paper.  Yes, "to glue stick" is now a verb. 

 These are going to be prizes in my son's first grade classroom tomorrow for the Valentine's Day Party.  He likes them and is excited to give them to his friends!

He helped me glue some of the word papers on.  Then he had to fill out his name on his own valentines.  This holiday was kind of a lot of work this year! :)
But love is worth it.
Have a lovely day tomorrow

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