Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Decorations

Fall is always such a cozy time of year for me.  The cooler weather keeps us indoors more and I get to pull out my fall candles and decor!  I haven't had much decor beyond candles but this year I found some great deals 80% off at Hobby Lobby.  I happened to hit the sale (by no planning of my own) the day or two after it started.  I have added a couple of things since this photo but here is what I decorated around the house this year.

 I added an 80% off garland around the mirror above this table afterwards.  The little mini Halloween lights were from Goodwill, 1.99!  Unfortunately half the strand didn't work, but that just got tucked behind the table.  I was supporting a good cause, after all.  ;)

The white pumpkin candle and black hurricane candle holders here  were splurges from Partylite.  I had never been to a party until last year and decided to get a couple of nice things.  The hurricane has different side plates that can be switched out based on the season.  Very versatile!
The glitter pumpkins were made at a MOPs (Mothers of Preschoolers) get-together.  Just watered down Mod Podge glue painted on and then sprinkled with glitter!  So cute and easy (but messy.  I'm glad it wasn't in my house.)  I later painted the stems white but brown would have probably looked nicer.  My 4-year old son wanted his green glitter pumpkin to have a red stem.  A Christmas lover after his Aunt's own heart!
Speaking of MOPs, if you haven't heard of it and have any kids aged 5 and under, I highly recommend you check it out if you have a chapter in your neighborhood!  I didn't join until I had 3 kids but I wish I had sooner.  I'm just glad I still have 3-4 more years until my youngest (and last) is in full-time school!
Oh, and the mess on the table in the background-- that's part of the crazy.  It's pretty normal, and, well, that isn't even that messy!!  I love this post about what a house with kids REALLY looks like.
Fall Blessings--

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