Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Tree Over the Years

Christmas is just a week away and I thought I'd do a week of Christmas posts.
Today's is all about our Christmas tree and it's "evolution" over the years.  It's honestly not that much different from year to year until this year, where we can see a marked difference in ornament placement!
 This was Christmas 2006- our tree had few ornaments toward the bottom with a 1-year old in the house.

Our tree in 2007, when we had a 2-year old and a baby.  Ornaments were more on the bottom with some lower ones on the floor and a few dangling items from the 2-year old playing with them.

Our tree in 2008.  A rambunctious 1-year old and a 3-year old made for no ornaments on the bottom half!

2009, baby, 2-year old, 4-year old.

 2010- 1, 3, and 5-year-olds.  And a husband who likes to roughhouse with the kids.  Poor tree.
(In this picture the kids were yelling "horn" to wake daddy up.  Not sure where they came up with "horn," but they continue to do this today!

2011- WOW, ALL filled fairly evenly with ornaments!!!  I can hardly believe the difference a year makes.  I am loving the homemade school ornaments the kids bring home.
Of course my 2-year old did take two of the glass ornaments off and threw them to the ground where they shattered.  Other than that, it's been a nice well-rounded tree.

Merry Christmas!

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